Art of Lists

By John Nieman





Author John Nieman was working on a piece of art showcasing M&M’s candies when he decided to add a little extra depth and meaning to the piece. Thoughts of M&M’s came to mind…


Mantle and Maris. Marilyn Monroe. Michael McDonald. Mickey Mouse. The list went on easily.


Wondering if he could do that again, he found inspiration in the candy aisles. Chunkies. Fifth Avenue. Smarties. Lifesavers. Chuckles. Nerds. Dots. Kisses. On and on.


And after way too many calories, he ventured into fruits, fish, fast food, and flowers. Trying to go beyond the letter F, he exited the grocery store and found new themes everywhere -- rockers, games, magic, golf, flip-flops, blue jeans, pipes.


lmost everywhere he looked, he imagined a picture and a list of luminaries to accompany that picture that often punctuated the image in a playful way. An Art of Lists was born.



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