The List


Jacks Are Wild
I never met a Jack I didn’t like
My dad was one and so’s my son.
As are dozens of cool guys.
The very name connotes some fun.
Johns are so responsible.
But Jacks are born to play
And work? a Jack would say
It’s for a very rainy day.
Jacks love a little mischief
And they look good in a jeep
The most versatile of cards
And a friend you’ll want to keep.


The Super Clarks
The Clarks are not a fl ashy lot
At least, most of the time.
They keep the books and ring the sales
And fi nd ledgers so sublime.
But there’s another side too
To this grand old British name:
An exotic alter ego
And a real, reluctant fame.
They are lawyers and explorers
With a very agile brain.
And “Frankly, my dear . . .”
“It’s a bird. No! It’s a plane.”


Cool Pops
Once you are a father,
You’re no longer just a guy
Who’s good for laughs and
Mischief till the sun pops in the sky.
They don’t really know you as you were,
Full of hijinks and allure.
They don’t see you as a joker
Who once played nights of poker.
Now you’re a fi gure and a rock.
You’re the one they sometimes mock
But if you’re lucky, it’s still there.
And when the kids turn of an age
They discover you are more than just a role.
You’re a story, and a secret, and a very human soul.
And when it happens, it is just the coolest stage.